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ForexPsych assists Day Traders in bridging the gap between the technical and psychological aspects of forex trading. Forex trading is 80% psychological and 20% technical, through FX Psych Day Traders will adapt the psychological makeup it takes to gain a consistent mindset. Through awareness, Day Traders will envelop defense mechanisms through a road map that ensures longevity. Lastly, FX Psych breeds the “Growth Mindset” through Perceptual Behavior Theory. Upon, Completion of the FX Psych Course, traders will be able to navigate through the mentality it takes to become a professional trader.


About DeVonte

Your Psychology Coach

Hello everyone, my name is DeVonte Rashad Mack Williams. I was born in Wichita Falls, TX. I am a 29 year-old scholar with a BA in psychology, MS in Adult Education, and completed 3 years in a Ph.D. program at Howard University, specializing in developmental psychology. As a struggling graduate student in Washington D.C., I was searching for a way to fund my lifestyle, I became a member of Wall Street Academy in 2018. After completing the 5 Day Course with an A+ in 2019, Quillan Black afforded me the opportunity to become a Teaching Assistant for his upcoming 5 Day Courses. Excited for growth, I jumped on the opportunity and since have been a part of multiple 5 Day Courses.


During that time, Quillan allowed me to present short psychology presentations, being that I studied psychology at such a high level. I took advantage of the teaching assistant  opportunity and maximized my knowledge to help traders grow their cognitive response in the markets . With my confidence growing, I developed a psychology focused trading journal that would help traders manage their trades, formulate a growth mindset, and be intentional with each and every trade. Since creating the PsychFX journal, two editions have sold out and the third edition “Bandemic Edition” is almost sold out as well.


Once the pandemic started Quillan was no longer offering the 5 Day Course. Many Wall Street Academy members and traders from other academies were seeking psychology assistance. This is when I began to provide Psych Coaching 1 on 1 Mentorship consisting of 12 sessions throughout the month. This service attracted many Day traders on all learning levels. After leaving my Ph.D. program and moving back to North Carolina with an entrepreneurial spirit, I went full time trading and began mentoring traders as clients. My profits on the charts inclined vertically as well as my clientele . Not too long after I became apart of the Forever In Profit team as the first Psychology Coach.


After meeting so many others that have the same passion for trading but lacking in the psychological aspect, I knew FXPsych was a need for the community. My education, experience, and guidance has elevated many traders past the psychological block the markets come with. This is only the beginning of bridging that gap.

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“The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades. Money is secondary.”

~ Alexander Elder

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  • Psychological framework of how to structure your mental work flow on the charts
  • Awareness of the cognitive biases that may present themselves when becoming a professional trader
  • Understand how to manage emotions and development as a professional trader
  • Hours of previously recorded videos of my 1on1 sessions with clients

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  • Get instant signals for US30 via Discord
  • Grasp the psychology behind each trade via voice recording
  • Live Mark-ups of technical analysis
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  • 1 Month mentorship
  • 3 sessions per week, 45 min each. Total of 12 sessions
  • Road map tailored to trader to set intention
  • Psychology and technical homework
  • Includes online course & FX PSYCH Journal +hours of previous recorded 1on1”s

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At FX Psych, we believe that traders can benefit greatly by learning both the technical and psychological aspects of trading. Our mission is to assist traders in bridging the gap between these two worlds, and to help them become more successful traders.

We are very proud of the results our students have achieved, and we would love to hear from you about your own trading experience.